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Su emplazamiento en la cima de un alto cerro le salvó de las invasiones sucesivas de la región, lo cual explica su buen estado de conservación.En sus cercanías se hallan las ruinas de Sahr-i-Bahlol, una pequeña ciudad fortificada de esa misma época.The inscribed property is also threatened by a number of other factors including uncontrolled vegetation resulting in one of the main causes of decay, inadequate drainage, and lack of security to prevent unauthorized animal and human encroachment and illegal digging.Pollution from local factories and vehicular traffic is also a serious threat adding to the deterioration of the site.أما الانقاض المجاورة في سحري بهلول، فهي تشهد على وجود مدينة صغيرة محصّنة تعود الى الفترة نفسها.source: UNESCO/ERI Description is available under license CC-BY-SA IGO 3.0 El conjunto monástico budista de Takht-i-Bahi (Trono de los orígenes) se fundó a principios del siglo I.

The buildings were constructed of stone in Gandhara patterns (diaper style) using local dressed and semi-dressed stone blocks set in a lime and mud mortar.Authenticity The Buddhist Ruins of Takht-i-Bahi has high authenticity of setting as it continues to occupy its original hilltop location.Authenticity of form and design has been preserved and the layout of the monastic complex and buildings are visible.Authenticity of materials as well as traditions and techniques of construction is retained in the stone construction in Gandhara patterns (diaper style).The stone sculptures were removed to the Peshawar Museum and the stone inscription of the Gondophares is preserved in the Lahore Museum.

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