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She grabs Coco under the chin and the top of her skull as her prey begs, but a single snap of the neck silences her instantly.

And so it begins…round after round of the more experienced Velvets getting the drop on Coco and taking her out with multiple neck snaps, and even some overkill snaps to make “sure”.

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Pictured: Marco Slawycz (right) with mum Sara, dad Bohdan and brother Lorenz As well as struggling with loud noises and sensory processing, a condition related to his sensory needs - called pica - means he likes to eat non-edibles such as paper, plastic, cardboard and Playdoh.

I am fully aware that as a user of this Website, reading and relying on the contents, posts, comments, files, communications or any information by its members is at my own risk.Sara, 33, said: 'We have been invited to meet with her in America and have an amazing opportunity to try this therapy.Although it is available in the UK, it is extremely expensive and not common in schools.'Marco has completed a term at a Saturday school in Bolton called Autism Support UK which offers a taster of ABA Therapy.I also understand that filipinosexstories.com, its proprietor, administrators, and representatives accept no responsibility and are not liable for any claims, losses, demands, damages or indemnities in connection with my browsing and use of this Website.I must not use the Website in any way which is unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful, or in connection with any unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful purpose or activity.

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